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driven by innovation.

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Great Lakes Collections Agency was founded in 1946 and has forged and maintained solid relationships with businesses and organizations from throughout greater Michigan.  Although Great Lakes Collections Agency has been around for decades, the firm has embraced change and implemented the latest technology. Our collections staff are trained and certified by the American Collections Association (ACA). If you are ready to step away from the hassle of chasing down payments or are unsatisfied with your current debt collection service, give Great Lakes Collections Agency a call today. 

How is Great Lakes Collections Agency Different?

We employ a “mixed media” approach of letters, automated phone calls, and direct-to-debtor calls

We utilize the latest technology that allows our clients the ability to upload accounts electronically

We offer your customers the ability to pay their bills electronically

We are happy to create customized reports to your exact needs

We are licensed and bonded

Our collections staff are ACA trained and certified

Our “predictive dialer” phone technology allow our staff the ability to contact more of your customers

We offer advanced skip tracing that is very effective in tracking down debtors who move around

We work mutually with your customers with the goal of keeping your business relationship intact

Our collections staff works after hours which increases the likelihood of connecting with your customers/patients

We follow the Fair Debt Act and are HIPPA compliant

Great Lakes Collections Agency is a member of the American Collections Association (ACA)

Great Lakes Collections Agency has been in business since 1946.

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