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Business debt
collection is what we do.

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Optimize your cash flow.

Our specialty is keeping your business in business. It is impossible to account for the wasted time and effort your staff puts in to collecting past due payments. Our services allow you to concentrate on what you do well and eliminate the stress of continually tracking down payments. Great Lake Collections Agency has a reputation for collecting past due accounts in a diplomatic, professional and courteous manner. Our process involves mailings, automated phone calls and skip tracing. Our staff is particularly skilled at building a rapport with debtors and coming to an understanding for getting the debt paid in a timely manner.


Flexibility that gets results.

We have several creative approaches to mitigating your past due accounts and improving the speed of customer payments.  


The Accounts Receivable Management Program  is designed to enhance your cash flow by allowing us to systematically notify your customers or patients to pay their outstanding bills.  Through a mix of respectful letters and automated phone calls, this strategy stimulates prompt payments.


The Pre-Collect Program is used as a final intervention before placing the account for collection.  The Pre-Collect program includes one or two letters, depending on your needs and is recommended for accounts past due.


The Traditional - Direct Collections Program is our contingency fee-based collections program. This simple arrangement means we don’t get paid until you get paid. This approach provides several different types of contact to encourage payment on your past due receivables. We utilize letters, automated phone calls and direct phone calls from our ACA Certified collectors. We will resort to using legal resources should the situation warrant. 


Serving a wide array of businesses and organizations.

Hospitals, medical practices, and dentists

Propane dealers and farm co-ops

Telephone, cable companies and internet providers

Private secondary schools and colleges

Veterinary practices

Any business needing assistance with accounts receivable collections

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